People are at your booth. They see photos on a laptop and can send to their FB, Twitter or Email. How? Which Photo Gallery or software suggestions.
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Your at a conference. You brought a laptop for people to see photos and share a picture they like to FB, Twitter &/or Email. Can be from a photo gallery on the laptop (preferably) - or web based.

What are your recommendations? At an event there might be 10 different people who wish to share a picture over the course of a couple hours. Trying to make it as simple as possible for them to "share" a picture!

If necessary we can do some custom programming to tweak an existing photo gallery software or application.

Preferably mac based.

Thank you all!
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posted by empath at 10:57 AM on November 19, 2010

Actually, never mind:

Dropbox is what you want. I didn't realize you needed to let other people share. It works with everything from iphones and blackberry to windows, etc.
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Anything that involves authorizing my twitter or facebook account on your laptop will make people nervous, I think.

That said I'm not entiiirely sure I understand the goal here. I've never, ever found myself at a conference looking at something on a screen wishing I could share it in any format better than "take a photo and post that".
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