Boyfriend at conference; what to get him?
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Fun treats for a boyfriend attending a weekend-long conference?

My boyfriend is attending a conference in Miami from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. I want to pack some treats and surprises for him to let him know that I'm thinking of him and to make things a little easier for him, if I can.

He's flying there and back and staying in a hotel with some roommates. He'll be pretty busy at the conference and won't have much time for sightseeing, but might get out a little bit. Here are the ideas I have so far:

- A nice message to open and read every day
- Twizzlers, because they're his favorite
- Granola bars/snack bars, so that he has something to snack on between sessions
- Colored pens, to make taking notes more fun

And I'm out. Can you think of anything that would make time at a conference more enjoyable? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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Business card holder
Small bills
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A fun clipboard or something else of a writing-surface nature? If it's a room with just chairs and no tables (like a lot of big conferences are), it really sucks to have a pad of paper on your lap and to try to write like that for 8 hours a day. Maybe a sweater/hoodie or something (ugh, I always used to be freezing cold until I learned to wear a lot of layers and always always always wear a sweater/jacket layer), and maybe a cool water bottle? :) I love the ones you already thought of!
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Hangover cures if it's anything like most conferences. Goodie powders and a nice big coffee mug.
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Note pad with notes from you scattered through it.
Pictures of you with little notes that you hide in his clothing. Socks work great if he doesn't roll them up because you can't fail to notice a piece of paper in your sock.
Envelope with a card in it, said card full of little confetti or stuff that's going to sprinkle over things. Not metallic and not sharp, though, so it doesn't provoke scratching in case it finds its way into clothing.
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A good book for the flight.
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His room will likely have a coffeemaker, but bad coffee. A few filters and some good coffee, individually packaged in small ziplok baggies.
A few decaf teabags.
Spray just a little of your cologne onto an index card or cotton ball, put in a ziplok bag w/ a picture of you.
Small postit notes. If it's a training, he may want to flag pages.
A new game for his smartphone, for dull moments.
If he's checking a bag, a flask of nice booze.
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Post-it highlighters are awesome especially where the conference is one that has hand-outs or some kind of pre-printed material. I had several of these with me at a recent conference and can't count the number of people that asked me where I got them (general mercandise stores have them).

Highlighters + little post-it flags = awesome
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Yes, that you not smother him from afar. Seriously, he's going to be gone for two days. You are overthinking this. Give him a little package before he leaves town or sneak one pack of these Twizzlers of which you speak and leave it at that. He'll bs gone for less time than you are committing to this Q&A.
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