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Chair Finder!! Mrs Funmonkey found an one-of-a-kind type chair (pic here) in Macy's at San Diego Fashion Valley. Looking to find supplier/maker as we want as corner piece for our house.
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I'm not being funny but are you sure its one of a kind? I've often asked for and received contact information for manufacturers or artisan makers of furniture in department stores, boutiques and hotels - it's a frequent request of mine and nobody has ever not helped me. it may take some time and referrals up the sourcing chain within Macy's but I'd be very surprised if the store manager won't help you find this chair.
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I agree w/DarlingBri, just because it seems very unlikely that a one-of-a-kind chair would be used as a display fixture at Macy's. One-of-a-kind art chairs tend to be quite expensive. Something like that, made as a one-off, would probably cost a few grand.
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Response by poster: Most likely not one of a kind, but it looked like a one-of-a-kind.

Sorry about the confusion, it's original and the normal avenues of looking towards a manufacturer have proved fruitless. A request to Macy's has gone unanswered.
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Well i found this chair at this site merely by searching google images for "ornate chairs." Very similar style eh?

Also this one further down the google page at this site.

getting closer? How bout this one? From these guys?
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Response by poster: Thanks Max Power, that's a great starting point!
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Keep in mind any reputable furniture store should be able to offer a variety of fabric and finishes. The first site I linked to also has the high backed chair with what looks like better rear legs.

Also these chairs are not in any traditional or "classic" design so good luck ).
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you might want to try this guy. the 'because it's not red' chair midway down on the right.
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