I got the blues so bad.
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What album is this?

I found these archives on my computer that I had downloaded January 30th. Pt.1_Side1, Pt.1_Side2, Pt.2_Side1, etc to Pt.4_Side2. The music is sessions of early blues, with touches of gospel and roots folk.

There are no accompanying files in any of the archives, and no info in any of the ID3 tags. I searched for the mediafire links, but can't find who linked to it originally.
I am really enjoying it, and would love to know who the artist is and what album it is.
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Shazam tells me that the artist is Lead Belly. Or, at least, the end of Pt.1_Side1_Band1.mp3 is. The song it recognized is called Miss Liza Jane.
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Thank you!

I confirmed things on discogs.com and I have been listening to vinyl rips of Lead Belly's Last Sessions, volumes 1-4.
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Well done. I have that on cassette.
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[removed the link - if you need help identifying an album, you can put up a song or two, linking to an entire album download is not so great.]
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