Rubber Stopper Shopper?
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Does this kind of rubber stopper have a special name, and where can I get a bigger one?

I'm making a terrarium, and want to put a stopper on the bottle I'm using. I'd love to use one like the one pictured, but the one I have is one inch, and I'd need a two inch stopper.

Does a stopper this shape have a special name? Just searching for rubber stoppers comes up with millions of hits.
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It's a bit hard to tell from the photo - you say "stopper" and it looks like it is meant to go in the neck, but you also say "on"?

The general term is a "mushroom" or maybe "fluted" bung/stopper/plug/cap. Try searching combinations of that (I had a quick google but only found smaller sizes, and I don't recall seeing any 2" ones when I was buying 6.5mm ones the other week…)
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Stoppers of that kind of material are referred to as "white gum stoppers". That one seems kind of special purpose to me because not only is the little dome top unusual, but typically they are a straight taper, not the convex curve the the one in your picture has.
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Your local hardware store is likely to have an assortment of rubber stoppers. Perhaps you will find the one you want! My local hardware store has a jumble of them ostensibly organized by size, but not really.
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It's technically a plug, not a stopper. You should be able to get some from VWR, but it might be listed under "stopper" too. This company can make them for you if you need 1,000.
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You might be able to find a similar stem bumper.
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