Joe Lunardi would be....proud?
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What are some clever ways to categorize movies? Each category needs at least sixteen items.

How do a pair of indecisive data nerds, faced with overwhelming options and a desire to make things more complicated than they ought to be settle on a movie? We make a bracket. Lousy photo, sorry. That was before I got very good at drawing lines.

My boyfriend has a giant movie library (like, 1700 movies, plus netflix instant), I haven't seen that many movies. It works, but we want to do more themed brackets. We did some all-horror brackets, an all-James Bond bracket, an all-San Francisco bracket, things like that, but we wanted to poke the hive mind for some further suggestions. Any ideas?

Bonus points if it can be divided into conferences.
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Oscar winning movies. Movies about Britain (or India or about India under Britain.) Films about parents and children. Noirs. Coen brother films - they should be up to 16 of them now. Films about aliens learning to be human. Films about musicians. Junkie movies. Christopher Walken did it for the money films. Superhero movies. Films about adultery. Films about serial killers. Road trip movies. Manic Pixie Dream Girl movies. The new cult canon.
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Post Apocalyptic
Super Heroes (Marvel vs DC conferences?)
Incredibly Grim Endings would be a good resource for constructing your brackets too.
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Movies that all feature an actor who plays a wide range.

For instance, Kevin Spacey Movies (there's a big difference, for instance, in the character he plays in American Beauty and the character he plays in Seven), Jack Lemmon Movies (big difference between Some Like it Hot and Death of a Salesman), and so on. Some more guys who have been in a lot: Nic Cage, Tim Robbins, Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, Samuel L Jackson...
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Teen movies based on Shakespeare plays.

As an employee of Joe's in both of our day jobs, I can tell you he'd find your title wildly entertaining.
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Movies with a smart-ass child character

Movies where a younger woman falls in love with a man old enough to be her father/grandfather

Movies that have a signature famous quote ("I'll be back", "I am Spartacus", etc.)

Remakes (and you could have two conferences, The Original Films and The Remakes)

Remakes of foreign films (ditto)
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Consult VideoHound for some fun ideas. It's listeriffic!
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Movies where the hero successfully runs from a nuclear explosion.

(Seriously. There are a surprising number of these.)
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