Books/films about manic depression
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I've seen The Devil and Daniel Johnston and Stephen Fry's Secret Life of the Manic Depressive and I've read The Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison. What are some other great books and films about manic depression?
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"Sights Unseen" by Kaye Gibbons

A novel narrated by a daughter about her manic depressive mother.
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The Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon.
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Dig is pretty good.
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"The Bell Jar"? I don't know what the formal definition of manic depression is though.
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You're Gonna Miss Me, about Roky Erickson (lead singer for 13th Floor Elevators) is similar to The Devil and Daniel Johnson. I'm not sure if he's manic depressive - but he's definitely manic.
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Best answer: Michael Clayton includes a good portrayal of a bipolar character in mania.

In Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein is pretty clearly bipolar. As a book, it's great in historic significance, but as a read, it's kind of a long slog.
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Madness, by Marya Hornbacher.
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Elyn R. Saks' The Center Can Not Hold is a pretty amazing read, although her official diagnosis was schizophrenia. Trained at Oxford and Yale, got a 2009 Macarthur fellowship, and she's done some amazing stuff for mental health advocacy.
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