Where in the Caribbean/Central America to go in late November?
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Where in the Caribbean, Mexico, or Central America should I go in late November?

I'm looking at a three- or four-day weekend with a friend in late November (specifically, sometime during the 17th-22nd). I've been to Costa Rica before and have my eye on a sweet package to Puerto Viejo (Caribbean coast), but am not sure the weather will be decent.

I'm also considering Nassau, which I enjoyed in the past and where I feel the weather would be more decent (maybe?), and we could feasibly go anywhere else in the Caribbean/Mexico/Central America area. We've already been to Mexico City, so would rather not go there again. We need to go outside the U.S., so Puerto Rico is also out.

Budget is roughly $500-$700 for airfare and hotel. We're not into partying/drinking but desire a beach and sunny weather (of course this is always a gamble). Touristy/explory stuff is cool. One of us speaks fluent Spanish and we both speak French. At this point, weather and awesomeness within our price range are the most important factors.

Thanks for your thoughts, Mefites!
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I'd recommend the French side of St. Martin, in particular the Grand Case Beach Club. It's easy to get to, not expensive, has its own beach and is at one end of the town with the best French food in the Carib. You can rent a tiny car for cheap and drive to other beaches – here's a Google map of stuff to do in the area.
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Response by poster: Thanks, nicwolff - will check that out. I should let everyone know that the depature point would be NYC or PHL. Appreciate your ideas!
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Playa Del Carmen.
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I live in Grand Case, St. Martin. It is really nice and can be affordable. If you want to get out of the US to experience a different culture, the French side of St. Martin is pretty good (but the Dutch side is very Americanized). You can fly direct to St. Martin from JFK on JetBlue and American, from Newark on Continental and I think from Philadelphia somehow.
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If you can back up the date a little bit, you might find things to be far cheaper. My wife and I went on our honeymoon in the second week of November. We stayed at a nice all-inclusive in Puerto Vallarta. It could have been a little warmer (it was around 80 but it cooler so close to the water) and the snorkeling there would have sucked, you'll probably want to stick to the Caribbean.

My parents let us swap a time-share they own so the room was free but we had to pay an "all-inclusive" fee that tripled the week after we were there.

It is probably a little bit different in other places but it is definitely something to keep in mind if you have the options to move the dates around a little bit.
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If you do go to playa del carmen, head 20 minutes north to puerto morelos instead ;)

other than that, go to Belize. Best place ever.
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I'd put in a vote for either Tulum, Mexico--less partying than Playa d. Carmen, beautiful beaches and cenotes, good food, and several Mayan ruins to explore nearby--or Roatan (great snorkeling diving and a nice beach).
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Response by poster: We didn't end up going; time, money, and indecision were all factors in this sad tale of vacation lost. But thanks all, for the lovely suggestions! Will be saving each and every one for consideration at the next opportunity to get away.
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