Any other joints like Staniel Cay in the Bahamas?
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Any other joints like Staniel Cay in the Bahamas?

A few years ago my wife and i went with another couple to the Exumas/Bahamas and stayed at Staniel Cay Yacht Club. It was easily one of my favorite vacations of all time. The laid back vibe, crystal clear water and exploring with our own boat all combined to make it just the most amazing, immersive beach experience. Being able to just jump in that little whaler and zoom over to sandbars and other islands for a quick snorkeling trip or conch run was just heaven (not to mention exploring Thunderball Grotto or feeding the swimming pigs).

I'm looking to repeat the experience, but not the venue. Can anybody recommend another cottage facility on a similarly small island that allows for relaxing & exploring (by small boat, not yacht or speedboat)? We're comfortable but not wealthy, so renting a larger boat for extended periods of time is probably out (plus i tend to run things aground in unfamiliar water!). We really want to stay outside the tired "all inclusive resort" destinations and live it up the way the real folks in the islands do.
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I think you might enjoy the Grenadines. Low key - not for the masses. Laid Back
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just a note: not to put too fine a point on it, but Staniel Cay is TINY. i think less than 100 people live on the island. it is part of a string of small islands (cays) that can be easily navigated by small, self-guided boats provided by the "yacht club" (little 14' whalers with small outboards).

by comparison St. John is HUGE. even St Lucia, which we've been to and is close to the Grenadines, is quite big. we're looking for more of the minuscule getaway islands that make you feel like you are on the edge of civilization (but still have well-stocked bars!).

thanks again
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