How much can I expect to spend in two weeks at the Bahamas?
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How much can I expect to spend in two weeks at the Bahamas?

A family friend has made his suite on Grand Bahama Island available to me for the summer as a graduation gift. I'd like to spend 7-14 days there in the early summer. Flights are about $400 round-trip and housing is free.

But how long I stay will largely depend on what the cost of living is like. Ideally I'd be there for 2 weeks, but if it's obscenely expensive then I might be hesitant to stay that long. I'd imagine we would do an equal amount of eating out/eating in and spend some time taking in some sights.

And while I'm at it, what would you guys recommend as far as sight-seeing? Would you recommend island hopping?

I've never really been to any sort of exotic location like this so I'm really kind of new to it
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Best answer: If you are going to be spending two weeks at the Bahamas on a student budget, you might consider taking some food with you via checked baggage.
Groceries are expensive on islands, so you can be more frugal by only eating out once a day. Expect savings of 20-50% on each item purchased ahead of time, minus the fee for checking baggage. Load up a 29 inch hard shell suitcase such as the Samsonite Oyster with up to 50 lbs of non-perishables. My girlfriend and I did this when we spent a week in St. John over Spring break and between us spent $400.00 on an ocean kayak rental, ice, butter, cocktails, taxis, ferries, ice cream, and one very fancy lunch.

I've never been to the Bahamas, so I can't say much for the sightseeing, but yeah, bring food.
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When I've had a student budget I usually fall into "one good meal" mode. That usually means a large loaf of local bread and either some kind of sauce or cheese—sauce lasts longer and is easier to carry around in a jar. That would get me through most of the morning and afternoon. Then at night I'd have my one good meal. This can save you a bundle if you don't mind the monotony. Bread is a good choice for food-base because you can usually find it freshly made with interesting variations depending on locale, often just finding the bread can be an adventure in itself, it's cheap and it can be easily "spruced up" with sauces and the like.
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Best answer: I spent 7 days there a couple of years ago. We stayed at one of the hotel/resorts (one with the gambling casino), so, from that perspective, I remember that we each ordered a club sandwich and it cost something like $40 for the both of us, and that was lunch. But the sandwich was huge, and since we both thought that was the best tasting lunch options at the resort, we'd just split a sandwich and our lunch would be around $20.

Then we went into town and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe once and it was a bit cheaper than at the hotel, but wasn't too special. Bottom line: I agree with Civil_Disobedient, plan for "one good meal" per day and little munchies the rest of the time. Food is simply expensive. Oh, but the pina coladas were to DIE for....! Those were well worth the $6. (again, at the resort).

Also, I went parasailing right near the resort. It was like $50 for 10-12 minutes or so. Taht was my one activity/splurge.

All in all, it was fun and just lying in the hammock on the beach was worth it, and that was (sort of) free. Also, the small buses seem to be pretty continuous, and on a circular route on the main road(s) that only cost $1, I believe, to take you downtown.

And, honestly, 7 days was enough for us. Unless you are a beach person day after day, then you'll be fine. But once you spend an afternoon or two sightseeing/shopping downtown, IMO, there really isn't much else to do.

Hope this helps!
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