The worst animator I can be.
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What animation tools for Mac are not very good?

By "not very good" I mean that they easily produce strange artifacts, especially through strange interface choices. I'm interested in both 3-D and 2-D.

My interest is that this kind of thing fascinates me. I'm already looking at Carrera since that's what she uses, but I'm interested in other suggestions too.
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I want to say something like the opposite of "only a bad craftsman blames his tools."
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Really, any tool is "not very good" if you use it in unintended or unexpected ways: even recompression of JPEGs over enough iterations will produce artifacts. You can produce vertex "spikes" very easily in models in any 3D program, for example.

I respect the drive to produce quirky, crude works with semi-broken tools: there is a deep artistic tradition there. But - especially if 3D is relatively new to you - I would suggest that, rather than looking for "bad" programs and then dealing with the inevitable frustration of "I didn't want that error then!", I'd take an established 3D program - Cinema 4D, Carrera, SketchUp, Poser, Vue - and start to push their boundaries. No program has to export a polished product, and indeed some of them are notoriously finicky at attempts to do so. I think you'll find plenty of loveably odd results just playing around with the software.
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Oh I guess it might be relavent that I used AutoCad, Bryce, Maya, and Poser semi-extensively years ago in high school. Not that I'd just be able to sit down with any of them again. So I guess relatively new is accurate.
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You don't need to use Carrera to emulate Wendy's style, any 3D package will do. I've been playing around with Cheetah and was impressed with it's features and low cost.
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