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What is required to make streaming videos?

I am thinking of ways to put yoga classes on-line. I've been reading of some teachers doing this and am curious.
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A webcam, a broadband internet connection and a ustream or livestream account.
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Empath's answer would be for live streaming.

If you want to just record video's that people can view online, then you just need a video camera (anything from an expensive camcorder to whatever comes with your cell phone). Some software to edit the video, on windows an example would be Adobe Premier. Many camera's also offer rudimentary editing capability. Then just upload to Youtube. If you have your own web-site and you don't want to use Youtube (and are a bit technical), then you can fairly easily save your video as flash and then install a flash player on the web site.
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Windows also has Windows Live Movie Maker which is free. I'm 99% sure Macs also have some sort of free video editing software but I dont know what its called.

So yeah, if you're talking about non-live video, steps are

(1) Record via camera, videocamera, phone, whatever
(2) Transfer to PC
(3) [OPTIONAL] Edit via video software
(4) Upload to video site or host on your own site

If you want to host on YouTube but not have random people find it you can make it unlisted, which gives you a URL that anyone can use but your video won't show up in search results. Then you could put that URL in a blog post or website or whatever.
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