Solo beach trip from Toronto. Where, and how much?
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Solo traveler by way of Toronto, in late November, seeks beach, warmth, proximity to other nice humans. What's a good place, at a good price?

I am not a Torontonian, but will be spending time there in late November. Since the RT ticket had to be purchased, and everything's cheaper from a larger city, I'm using the opportunity to take a last-minute, warm beach vacation, too.

I'm a mostly sociable solo traveler, thrifty and not too spoiled. Arts/culture-inclined, but not a holiday snob - only reqs here are a decent beach on which to read, and proximity to a social scene (or at least, a place or two to be alone with company) that is not a resort disco. I've visited and enjoyed plenty of all-inclusives, but have a feeling most would be pretty isolating for a mostly sober single. If there is a city or town nearby in which I might find an expat bookstore or cafe with somewhat likeminded people, I'd be thrilled.

Price-wise, aiming for $500 to $600, lower the better. This is flexible, but I've traveled a lot lately, and since this is a use-it-or-lose-it vacation time situation, I'd rather not spend too much or go too far afield.

Most likely plan at present is a flight to Cancun and time split between Playa del Carmen and Isla Mujeres, in hostels/guesthouses. I've been to both, and they have the right feel. Cuba also possible, for its crazy-cheap all-inclusive deals, but I'm a bit leery about this b/c of past experience that included beautiful but very isolated locale and awful resort food (I'm veg).

So, two questions:

1) What counts as a good deal for a flight or package from TO, in late November? I've found a RT Cancun flight as low as $350, taxes included, and package deals in the $500 and $600 range, or as low as $300 for some possibly dubious Cuba packages. Is this as low as it goes? Should I wait, or buy now? (I'm familiar with sites like and the like, just haven't done trips like this from TO before.)

2) Any suggested destinations I might not be considering?

Thanks very much in advance.
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I have bought holiday packages from and been very happy.
I find 3 weeks before departure seems best deals
and at Air Transat I just picked up a ticket Vancouver to Panama 450 bucks with taxes
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