Mallorca recommendations
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Hotel and beach recommendations for three nights in Mallorca.

Next month, my boyfriend and I are spending three nights in Mallorca, one night in Palma and then two nights at a beach hotel somewhere. The question is where. If anyone has accommodations advice for Palma and beach/accommodation advice for elsewhere on the island, it would be very welcome.

I've been a couple times, but the last time was five years ago. My boyfriend has never been. I'd like to avoid the worst of the package tourism, if possible.

For the beach, we were looking at Colonia Sant Jordi Club, but are open to suggestions. In terms of Palma, we were hoping for something modern and stylish but not outlandishly expensive.

Thanks so much.
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Beaches are a bit cold at this time of year.
As I live here I don't know too much about holiday hotels.
For Palma you need to be in or around the old Gothic part of town
Check out Santa Clara .
If you go to Colonia Sant Jordi you will definitely need a car. Good walking beaches are near if it's not warm enough to get in the water. Rather than being in a modern resort could be anywhere hotel have you considered an Agrotourism one. Whatever; outside the City you will need a car if you are going to see and experience anything. Enjoy. Eat P'amb'Oli with jamon serrano and cured menorquian cheese, and local olives.
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Deia is very pretty and small and has a cool all-stone beach.
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