Wanted: Vegetarian-Friendly Beach Resort
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Please help us find our perfect special snowflake vegetarian-friendly beach resort. Details inside.

Mr. Meat and I just got back from a vacation at Copamarina Resort in Puerto Rico. It was fantastic - quiet, relaxing, peaceful, on the beach - except for the food. We are vegetarians (no meat/poulty/fish/seafood, yes dairy/eggs) and had a really hard time finding food we could eat, both on and off the resort. The resort restaurants advertise a vegetarian menu, but that turned out to mean we had to ask the kitchen to make special food for us, there weren't too many options, and we don't like doing that. We'd prefer a menu that has 4-5 vegetarian options available for any meal.

Please help us find our next resort.

Lots of details:
- vegetarian friendly
- we'd like to eat within walking distance
- we're coming from St. Louis
- no more than 2 flights from STL, preferably no more than 5-6 hours flying
- no minimum stay required (we usually only have 5 days total, including travel)
- warm in February (75F or more)
- driving ourselves from the airport is ok
- we have passports
- all-inclusive or not doesn't matter
- on the beach. must have ocean-view rooms.
- no cruises. Really. NO cruises.
- quiet resort, think family friendly where the teenagers are mad that "there's nothing to do"
- no spring breakers
- easy day trips for things to do (ex: we went on a coffee farm tour one day and Mr. Meat went wandering on the trails nearby another day)
- quiet beach - private, preferably in a bay or cove or other protected area so the waves/current aren't too bad
- kayak/paddleboard rental would be nice
- private balconies/porches for our room
- big rooms
- we only speak English
- other activities at the resort not necessary
- "nightlife" not necessary
- shade available on the beach - trees, canopies, umbrellas, etc.
- budget: up to $500/day

Last question similar to this was from 2006.

Thank you.
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There are at least 4-5 resorts in Costa Rica that are either vegetarian or vegan - as in, no meat options are available. A friend of mine is going to one in a couple of months, but I can't get a hold of her and I am drawing a complete blank on the name. But apparently Costa Rica should be high on your list for research.
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Best answer: Just got back from RIU Palace Macao in Punta Cana. Seems to meet 95% of your requirements. Our adult daughter, who is vegetarian, was with us and had no problems. Massive buffets with lots of local fruits and veggies. I saw stir fries and quinoa and lots of things you could mix yourself. All inclusive so you can sample at whim. Sit down restaurants had fewer options. Ocean-view room will be hard as hotel sits way back from water to allow for the shady palm groves with views of the beach/ocean. But room were big. You could take three strides across the shower. Matched almost all your other requirements exactly. I was impressed with the level of service and value for the buck. Note that there is very little 'town' nearby. If you're there, you're there for the resort.
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You might be more comfortable renting a house with your own kitchen. For $500 a day you could do that, and you might even get a chef with the house. AirBNB, vrbo, and websites specific to the area you are most interested in will give you good results.
It sounds like you don't use a lot of the resort features, so a house is probably a better fit anyhow.
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Yeah, Tulum is practically a mecca for raw food lovers and vegetarians. Sorry I don't have a specific place to suggest, but just about every restaurant/hotel on the beach is going to fit this description. you'll be super happy for your whole trip.
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Best answer: I've been going to Ylang-Ylang Resort in Montezuma Costa Rica forever. Totally love the place. They tick off every single one of your snowflakes, except maybe the budget, depending on when you want to go.

I should add that every description and photograph shown on their website is accurate. It's really as good as it looks, including wildlife. I've seen more animals there than at some of Costa Rica's national parks. (No sloths, though.)

Average temp in February is 90 degrees.

Here's their dinner menu. Note that a "heart" denotes a vegetarian option.

A happy bonus, Costa Rica is the same time zone as you. No jet lag!
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Best answer: Marblue Villa Suites in Jamaica should work. It's been a while since I was there, but I was relatively well fed as a vegan (asking in advance if they could cater for vegans) so can't imagine any trouble as a vegetarian. I did occasionally ask for off-menu food, but it's such a small resort that it doesn't feel like such a terrible imposition since they were often cooking for just us or us and one other table. There's a cluster of other hotels in walking distance, and they had some veggie options too. The only downside is that it's a 2 hour or so drive from the major airport.
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