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I recently upgraded my (De-branded Nokia 6301 with T-Mobile service) dumbphone's service to include unlimited internet, to handle all my messaging and data needs on the go for the same price as what I was spending on text messages. What are the best (preferably free) apps and websites that will work on this simple a phone? Also, are there any MP3 players/PDAs like the iPod touch that can access the mobile internet on the phone via DUN easily?

From what I read, the iPod Touch can technically do it, but it involves Jailbreaking and apps and doesn't work very reliably.

For the record, I know about Gmail and Google Voice. I'm using both of them to fill the void left behind by text messaging. I also know that Facebook's mobile website works well on the phone.

Oddly enough, I find the T-mobile-branded browser (T-zones) works with more websites than even the most recent version of Opera Lite.

Also, is there a simple way to make the phone vibrate whenever I get a new text message via Google Voice? I could have it vibrate every time I get a new email (I get an email every time I get an SMS), but I get a lot of newsletters and stuff I'd really rather not be informed about. As far as I can tell, there's no J2ME app for Google Voice. But that's not important, as I've used Google Voice with my cellphone for a while without any internet or apps for a while. And I will probably just have it go off for every email.
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Have you checked out the howardForums wiki on Tmobile?
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