I got my dream gown from...?
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I'm looking for a vendor for a Dream Gown promotion, can you help?

With the release of my next book, I'm having a dream gown promotion and I need recommendations for a gown vendor.

The winner will be a teen entering to win a prom/formal dress. My plan is to buy a $300 gift certificate, so the winner can choose her own gown.

I'm actively avoiding David's Bridal/David's Prom. I would be willing to consider an independent vendor/designer/seamstress, so if you have a great Etsy recommendation, I'd love to have it.
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I would give the winner $300, or if you're concerned about it not going to a dress then tell the entrants that the winner will have up to $300 to spend at the shop of their choice and you will pay the bill (or reimburse upon receipt of a receipt?).

It's hard to say which shop will have your dream gown, especially if it's limited to a particular designer. And if she spends <$300, then that money is wasted.
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About a $300 prepaid debit card?
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I second the $300 card. Then the dress can be purchased anywhere and if it costs less than $300 the girl will have money left over for shoes and accessories.
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Response by poster: Gift cards are awesome, but please assume that my publisher's marketing department needs me to choose a dress vendor.
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Whatever you do, please make sure to pick a vendor who has a good selection for plus-sized ladeez. I know that in programs like Dress for Success (which targets an older demographic, but still) they're always having a tough time finding plus-sized stuff, partially because they don't get a lot of donations and partially because the need is greater in that size range.

Of course, recommending Sydney's Closet won't do much for the people who are UNDER a size 10 :)

Are you targeting a particular region? Could you just go to a place like Macy's or Dillards, or are you trying to avoid something quite so large?
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is there a fashion design school near you? you could pay the $300 to a designer who would be able to design the dream gown, and fit the dress precisely to your winner. The designer would also have bragging rights. get a recommendation from the school's faculty, or find someone who already won some other contest. (even better, the person who came in 2nd place, if you like the work)
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If you need a national chain, although it sounds like you don't, Jessica McClintock comes to mind.
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Disclaimer: I'm not American so don't know how widespread prom stores are there...

I found often with promotions and competitions the prize was for a store that wasn't in my local area - as a teen I couldn't easily travel to the next city. I think a chain would be a safer option as it would avoid someone winning a prize they can't use. Does it have to be brick and mortar?
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