Fun things to do in West Palm Beach, FLA
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What are some fun, unique things to do in and around West Palm Beach, FLA?

I'm heading to West Palm Beach for a long weekend next month with friends and we're looking for fun, outdoor-adventure type activities we can do. So far we've been thinking about canoeing in a swamp, chartered fishing trip, and Universal Studios. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone else can offer up some suggestions.

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Peanut Island is an artificially created island that has a bunker that the secret service created for JFK that you can tour. Fun!
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The Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach aren't far from there and make for some really good birdwatching.
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The Japanese gardens at the Morikami Museum are pretty nice... though I wouldn't call that an adventure-type activity. If you need a change of pace and/or some serenity during your trip it might be worth checking out.
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I've been here for going on 3 years, and always wanted to try This. I've seen the amphibious bus driving around a few times, and finally looked it up, but haven't had the expendable cash this summer to try it.

I have seen a few ads that state if you have (or obtain on site at some places) a FL fishing license, you can rent a motor boat instead of a canoe at locations which offer both in the Everglades, in case you're feeling lazy.

Renting scooters or bikes if you want the workout--S. FL is nice because it's 90% flat--and taking a leisurely roll or ride up A1A is really nice in this cooler weather we're having. Great places to pull over at various public beaches and areas along the intercoastal (although maybe not in a car, parking can be a pain in these locales), nature-type parks down further south in Boca and Delray Beach, plenty of girl/guy watching, eats, and it's kinda cool to ooh and ahh at the uber multi million dollar mansions. If you get bored with that, and want the urban, economically depressed S. Fl, you can just take a quick jaunt west across the intercoastal from A1A and check that out. A great ride I would take would be from West Palm Beach to Ft. Lauderdale on A1A, maybe stopping at the Whale's Rib (fin?) in Hillsboro. They featured that place on Drive-ins, Dives, etc., and the Blackened Dolphin Fish is excellent!

Lastly, a nice way to get some nightlife is to take the Tri-Rail to Miami. It's not that expensive (I like b/c it reminds me vaguely of the Metro North). Cabs are a freaking fortune, damn near $100 plus tip from WPB airport to Delray Beach on I-95.
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I also can't believe I just used the word "urban" and S. Fl in the same sentence. In relation to each other.

3 years is all it takes I guess... The ever shrinking Brooklynite in me wants to pummel me to death with a deep fried Ham calzone from Vinny's on Court Street, but I think he's too little now.

(also, downtown WPB, around Clematis street is pretty nice for dining and stuff at night)
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Ah, West Palm, the stomping grounds of my youth! On Palm Beach Island, there's a stretch of road on Country Club Rd. known to locals as "Witch's Wall". It's a tight swath carved through the coral, and the walls are littered with holes. Legend has it that a witch lived in a house above the coral and kidnapped the children of the island. The children would be locked in a cage in the rock until they were dead. The witch would then stuff the corpses into the holes in the coral, and the child's soul would be forever trapped in the cage. If a passing traveler touches the cage, one of the souls is set free, but the witch must rise again and hunt to replace the lost soul.

It's fantastically creepy to drive through. Be warned that if you stop, YOU WILL DIE! (In this case, death being "harassed by the local police".)
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Palm Beach Raceway (which used to be called West Palm Beach) has a decent kart track with relatively quick karts (for hire ones) and the track is one of the more decent ones you can hire a kart on.

Not sure if that's the kind of adventure that you want, but it's pretty good fun.
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Isn't Universal Studios in Orlando? That's not very close to WPB at all.

However, The Girls in Delray Beach is a surreal, low-key, mildly mindblowing place to visit -- it's a big demonstration hydroponic farm, petting zoo, garden and park in the back of a completely unassuming stripmall. Their biggest attraction is the U-Pick strawberries. The process involves a plastic bucket and a pair of scissors, and you wander around the futuristic styrofoam strawberry towers snipping off the immaculate berries to fill your plastic bucket. Then you get to visit the donkey.
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Lion Country Safari is fun. A bit of a drive but worth it if you have the time. Palm Beach Zoo is fun, too. Morikami Gardens & Museum is beautiful.
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Ruck's Crystal Mine in Fort Drum if you like to play in the mud :)
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