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Looking for a pair of speakers for a classroom with lousy electric lines. The circuit has a dimmer, florescent lights that cause all types of buzzing through our current speakers. Our current speakers have noise reduction circuitry, but it shuts off after a few minutes after the sound stops, leaving a buzz.
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I just got these portable USB speakers for my classes. Not the best sound quality when the volume gets high, but good enough for a classroom with about 30 students for short films, etc. Probably not great for full-length films or anything, but they've been working for me. They plug right into my laptop, so I bypass the other electronics in the classroom, and they're small enough that I don't mind carrying them to class.
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Some phone cords have a filter to reduce noise. It's a piece of metal (iron?) the the cord is wrapped around. I think this has been'ed before, but darned if I can find it. However, I googled for electronic noise reduction speakers cord filter, and got some promising results.
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You might try a line conditioner for the amp/audio source.
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