I like it I love it I want it, can I hope ever to have it?
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I *love* this aquamarine and diamond 14K ring, which is priced at $1850(USD). Not that I'm actually planning on buying it, but just for curiosity's sake, and possibly for practical use much further down the financial road, is this a competitive price, or could I hope to have one just like it made, or to find something similar, for less?
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Way overpriced. The diamonds are tiny and aquamarines are not pricey stones. You could have it made or find it for less.
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Ah. You know, when I googled "aquamarine diamond gold ring", I didn't find a ring that looked enough like it to satisfy me, but I did find rings that looked like they should be equally valuable for less than a third of that price. I shall carefully save the pictures and hopefully get a ring like it made some day.
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You could put up a request on Etsy Alchemy and see what kind of responses you get. I had a ring made for me this summer based on a picture that I submitted, and I love it, and got it for a quarter of the price and in the materials that I wanted. I got several bids, and went with a seller that had great reviews and whose style seemed to match the ring the most.
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Aquamarine is a really soft stone. I clouded over an aquamarine ring with what I'd consider regular, normal use. If you think you'll wear it often, you might want to look for a different but similar looking stone (topaz, maybe?), which could affect the price.
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If it's of any consolation, you should always try an aquamarine on before you buy it - because a pale, watery, shallow stone like that will show a lot of finger through it. They look entirely different on. So first, find the aqua that you love, then build the ring around it.
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Thanks, everyone, for your helpful suggestions. Great idea to advertise for a jeweller on Etsy, so I'll do that when there's room in my budget for this purchase, and I'll keep the advice about the softness and translucence of aquamarines in mind.
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