Need either 240V only or bicurious with 110V CD Clock Radio in NYC or online.
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Global citizen looking for either 240V only or bicurious with 110V CD Clock Radio in NYC or via online sites. O' Wise Ask MeFi, where do I find the perfect alarm clock to wake up with when in Bombay? I'm not yet desperate enough to make exceptions for 110V clocks in drag using a voltage convertor.

Oh for the record, I just want a bookshelf sized option with an easy to read clock face, nothing teeny like a travel clock.
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they make wind-up and battery-powered normal alarm clocks (I use a battery-powered big ben, along with a plug-in radio alarm clock)--maybe one of those?
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oh, i just saw the radio part--how about this?
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Response by poster: I want it with CD and radio, something that's not travel sized, just good old fashioned electric alarm clock/cd/radio with battery back up. I just thought it might be less hassle to find something on this end of the globe to use there. Worse case I'll just settle for a voltage transformer.

Thanks for the links though! :)
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Get a clock with an external wall wart transformer.

That way when you're in bombay you can buy a replacement transformer that definately will match their plug types and voltage / frequency requirements.

That's if you refuse to go the separate battery powered CD player and wind up clock route (I also suggest this, since I don't know how reliable the electricity in India is...)
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Response by poster: Oh actually electricity is reliable in Mumbai. The CD option is just nice to have. We have a very decent home theatre setup with audio components, and stuff. This is just a small thingy for the bedroom, and somthing better to wake up to than a blaring alarm sound.

Thanks for the tip, I agree after searching all over, a transformer or local purchase is the way to go.
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