Where to sell decent cigars rec'd as gift?
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Calling all cigar aficionados...my brother drives a limo on the weekend and some clients recently tossed him a box of (supposedly decent) cigars as a tip. He has no interest in smoking them. Any idea where could he sell them to get a little cash instead? Ebay seems to be out of the question for tobacco. There are 19 Macanudo cert vintage 1988 #1 in the humidor pictured here. Thanks.
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Check with a local tobacconist and see if they would be interested. If that doesn't work, re-gift or craigslist.
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Check your MeFi Mail for a suggestion.
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While I can't speak of pricing, make sure that if they came with a humidor, they he keeps it humidified. Letting the cigars to dry out will make them worthless.
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Try here:


I'm pretty sure there's a section of that forum for buying/selling, but you might have to register to access it.
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