My boxer brief conundrum
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Target used to sell 3-packs of Merona brand all black (black waistband and black base) boxer briefs, but they've stopped carrying them. Has anyone who's tried these fantastic boxer briefs found a suitable replacement? They were the kind that didn't have a fly opening in the front.

Merona boxer briefs hit what I would call "The Trifecta of Boxer Briefdom". My criteria: 1. Taller than average, soft elastic waistband. 2. Retains its shape. Doesn't get baggy after wearing them for a day. No sagging in the crotch or legs. I'm sure this has to do with the fact that they were 5 or 10% spandex. 3. NO WRITING. When I bend over and my shirt rides up a little bit, the last thing I want to do is advertise a brand of underwear. I've tried other brands and I've been unsatisfied with the results. I'm wearing Old Navy's boxer briefs right now. They come close, but they lose their shape to the point where I'm essentially wearing "just shorts" when I take my pants off before I go to bed. I'm also not interested in the "sporty" type of boxer brief, which encapsulates the UnderArmor style of all spandex, reflective, bike short reminiscent brand. Is there a hidden cache of these boxer somewhere in the world? I know there's other people out there that are just as confused as I am by the disappearance of my favorite brand of boxer brief as evidenced by THIS. Help me out hivemind! Anything out there that meets my boxer brief standards?
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Sloggi. They have the name on the waist usually but it's normally discreet.
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PACT. They're not cheap, but they're amazing.

1. I'm not quite sure I'm parsing this correctly. You want the waistband taller than average? You want the legs longer?
2. This is the main reason I pay the PACT price. Seriously, I feel like I could wear these for a week and they'd still feel almost like I just put them on. But I don't, because I'm not that kind of guy.
3. They actually do have the brand name on the waistband, but it's the inside.
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Hugo Boss. Best underwear I've ever owned. The elastic waistband isn't taller than average, though. It's shorter than average. Which, as it turns out, is amazing.
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@Jairus I'm curious - why do you opt for the shorter than average waistband? Pros and cons? The Old Navy pair I'm wearing now have a short waistband, but I somehow felt like the bigger one the Merona brand slides a lot less. I hate it when my boxers don't stay put.
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I would roll my eyes about many things this brand signifies, but American Apparel boxer briefs have a moderately-sized elastic waistband that has never rubbed me the wrong way, are not overly short, and have no fly opening in the front.
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I'm not sure if they fit the "taller than average" criteria, but everything else describes the "store-brand" boxer briefs H&M sells. They're usually in 3-packs close to the registers.
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Seconding H&M. Though they have shorter legs and waist than most brands.
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Just FYI- I meant a "taller than average" waistband. I'm only 5'9". So not only am I not tall, I don't require tall legged boxer briefs. This is by far the lowest on the list of boxer brief requirements. Snugness and not having a label are at the top of the list.
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I loved those too! I've tried the h and m ones since then. They aren't as good but the closest ive found yet. I'd try some of the other suggestions before that one.
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I'm a girl, so take that for what it's worth, but out of a fresh load of laundry, the first pair of underwear my man chooses are his boxer briefs from the Gap. They seem to fit him snugly and he's had them for several years. They do embroider the name on the waist, but it's in the same color as the fabric, so it's barely visible.
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I'm a girl too, and just my two cents - my boyfriend loves his H&M brand boxer briefs. I know nothing about why he likes them, but I do know he hates labels and he likes them snug.
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@AsRuinsAreToRome: That's what I figured too, but these short ones stay put better than any of my taller ones. Presumably because less fabric means they weigh less, but it might be construction or materials specific to this brand.
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Sounds like Uniqlo. If only you were in New York.

In my personal experience, and from talking to other people, H&M underwear isn't very comfortable. But it's cheap enough for you to give it a shot. Everyone else on this thread seems to like it.
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i am with you on this, especially the baggy issue. the best i have found is some from Old Navy that have 10% spandex. they don't always seem to have them and you may have to comb through the rack, but i love the few pairs i have of them.
i will have to try these other suggestions though, interesting....
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