What movie is this scene in?
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Just trying to remember what movie this scene is from . . . .

It takes place in some giant electronics store. One of the movie's main characters works there, and he's trying to sell a stereo system to a not-very-bright customer, and he's going on and on, trading the guy up to something super-incredible-powerful, and he's telling the guy how fantastic this system is and how it'll blow away anything else on the planet, and he whips both himself and the guy into a frenzy, and then . . . the guy's wife/girlfriend appears, and she's hugely pregnant, and the salesman realizes, damn, he can't do this, so he starts talking the guy back down into something practical instead of making a giant sale. Ring any bells? The movie could be as old as the 80s.
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Ruthless People?
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Fast Times at Ridgemont High? I remember Judge Reinhold working at a stereo store, maybe?
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Yeah, Ruthless People. It was Judge Rheinhold as the salesman. Great movie, by the way.
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Response by poster: Yes, I think it must have been Ruthless People. Apparently I saw that scene and nothing else in the movie. Thanks!
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"If you can't afford it, fuckin' finance it!!"

Definitely Ruthless People... great scene!
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You should definitely check out the rest of the movie. Underrated film.

Incidentally, fans of Ruthless People should check out Elmore Leonard's The Switch. It's a very different take on a very similar plot conceit.
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Response by poster: And if anyone would like to see the scene, it's here, starting at 2:20.
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I have always loved the plotting of Ruthless People. I was young when I first saw but remember being really entertained at the way the plot followed back on itself.
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Worth pointing out that a character in Fast Times at Ridgemont High does work at a stereo store, but it's not Reinhold, it's Ron Johnson, the guy who takes Stacy's virginity. Brad Hamilton (Reinhold) works at All-American Burger, then at Captain Kidd Fish and Chips, then at a convenience store.
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