What's all this heraldic gibberish mean?
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Can you help me decipher what my family crest looks like based on the lingo from its heraldic description?

I found my surname's heraldic description in Burke's General Armory, but I'm having a hard time understanding what it means. Here's what I found:

BLAZON: Argent a chavron gules within a bordure gobonated or and azure.
CREST: A griffin passant sable bezantee.

Any idea what that's supposed to look like? Thanks!
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Here's what I parse that as: Silver background with a red chevron surrounded with a gold and blue check. Crest is a standing black griffin ornamented with roundels.

Or this.
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MAIN PART: White with a red chevron (upside-down V shape) bordered by a yellow/blue checkerboard pattern.
ON TOP: Black griffin lifting one front limb, with little yellow polka dots.

(See here, here)
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sorry ... walking griffin.

The language of heraldry is exceptionally well defined. An early page description language, as it were.
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I should point out that the coat of arms associated with your surname is not "your" coat of arms, but that of a Chilton from four hundred years ago who may or may not have been your direct male ancestor. See this AskMe, this article, etc.

That said, nobody's going to stop you from putting it on a keychain.
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Thanks for the info, scruss & theodolite.

Theodolite: I realize that it's not my crest, but I was interested nonetheless. Thanks again!
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