Where can I buy tiny plastic dots/bumps?
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My Google-fu has failed me. Where can I buy very small, adhesive dots which I can stick to buttons/etc. to improve their usability?

My minivan's remote has a slew of buttons, none of which have a tactile differentiator... so I can't open the sliding doors from my pocket without taking my keys out of my pocket and looking at the remote. This is a first world problem which needs correction!

I figured that small, transparent, adhesive dots (or letters?) could assist here. I'm thinking pretty small, along the lines of the bumps of the home keys on a keyboard. Round is fine but I'm not too picky.
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Best answer: Why not just use a single small dollop of epoxy resin? I doubt that a self-adhesive application would stay on the button after being jingle-jangled in your pocket.
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Best answer: how about little blobs of superglue?
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Best answer: When I was in Picture Framing we used silicon Bumpons for the bottom edges of frames, would that work for you?
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Glue Dots. I've gotten them at Michaels, which means A.C. Moore would probably also have them.
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Response by poster: I hope marking all three of your answers isn't excessive, but they're all great. Superglue or epoxy resin sounds like a perfect first choice - and via dollops, nonetheless!

But Bumpons are perfect for larger applications. Great!

Thank you!
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Response by poster: Glue Dots seem pretty great too - thanks.
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You could also try a dab of liquid Wite-Out. We've used it for labeling notebooks and it is remarkably durable.
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The buttons are usually made of slightly squishy rubber, right? I think sticking glue on them won't work- the rubber will squish and adhesive will peel off. What about somehow marking the edges of the hard plastic remote beside the buttons? Maybe putting a bump of resin there, or scratching a little groove with a nail file so your thumb can feel which end is up when you're holding it?
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Just googling around....

What about Braille keyboard label stickers?
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Nail polish works for things like this.
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Came in to recommend Sugru. Sounds like a task tailor-made for Sugru.
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