Wireless Cable Modem + USB Port?
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Need a wireless cable modem that has a USB port for an external hard drive or printer?

I have a basic DSL modem and an Airport Extreme at my house. I'm happy with it -- I have a little USB hub plugged into it and have my printer and an external hard drive plugged into that.

My mom needs a new modem (going from DSL to cable). She was told to buy a combination unit (with the router and the modem together -- she prefers to buy instead of rent from the provider). I've been looking for one that has a USB port, and not really seeing anything, or not seeing anything that looks right....

At the risk of sounding exceptionally thick headed, the pics I've seen that have something marked "USB" don't look familiar to me -- my Airport Extreme has the same type of USB port as my computer does.

So, is there something in the wireless cable modem world that has the type of USB port that I have on my Airport Extreme? Or some kind of adapter or special cable that will let me use the USB ports in the cable modems? I've asked Uncle Google, but obviously not explained myself well to him either.
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My advice...let the ISP provide the modem (if it breaks, it's their problem to replace) and purchase an Airport Extreme for wireless and USB ports...
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Best answer: That cable modem you linked to allows you to use USB instead of ehternet to connect to a computer. It is not for connecting USB devices.

If it were my mom, I'd buy a cable modem from the list your cableco recommends (I bought a Motorola model for $60 from Best Buy that the cable company would rent for $10/mth) and an Airport Extreme.
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Seconding the AirPort Extreme approach.
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Thirding the Airport Extreme. You know how it works and can help out when it needs configuration. Let the cable company worry about supporting their cable modem.
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Best answer: Former cable company employee saying buy your own dedicated modem and dedicated router. Far, far, far, far, far easier to troubleshoot, and you get to pick how crappy the router is.

You're almost certainly not going to find an all-in-one cable modem/router that will feature a USB host port for sharing hard drives. The USB ports on these things will be for connecting a computer, and aren't what you want.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, everyone, I appreciate the insight and the help.
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