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I need a way to make a CD from my iTunes library with no gaps between songs. Ideally it would fade one song out and fade another song in, just like it does when I use 'Party Shuffle.'

Oh yeah, it has to be free. Roxio Easy CD Creator will do it if I upgrade for $70 or so. There must be something out there, I just can't seem to find it. The gaps between the songs are ruining my spinning mixes, I want 45 minutes or more of seamless music.
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I don't know if the following would work when burning but it does on playback:

iTunes > Preferences > Burning > Gap between songs > none
iTunes > Preferences > Audio > Crossfade playback
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You can set the gap between songs to none, but I find it is less than useful. Sure, there's no longer the two second countdown, but it's not perfect like most regular audio CDs.

I know you demand freeness, but Jam which comes with Toast will let you do this and will also let you make far more complex mixups. I used it to make a great Beastie Boys mix :)
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Toast with Jam
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Anything for Windows that does the same thing as Toast with Jam?
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carter: I found out some time ago that this technique, sadly, does not work for burning.
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Basicchannel is correct (as a small pile of ruined CDs will attest to) it works real fine while listening but not while burning. Matlidiben, I'm pretty sure that Toast with Jam is just the Apple version of Roxio Easy CD Creator, which ain't free!
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It's probably more trouble than it's worth, but couldn't you mash everything together into a single extended track with appropriate fades in and out using a program like Acid Music Studio and then use shntool to make a cue sheet that subdivides the file into individual tracks?

I feel like I did this once ages ago on a mix disc for a friend. I remember that it took forever and that when I was done it hardly seemed worth the effort. But also that it worked.
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I remember that it took forever and that when I was done it hardly seemed worth the effort.

Sigh...C'mon, I know youse can do it!
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Sorry, you said free. I've never used it, but Audacity seems like an open source program that duplicates the relevant functions of Acid Music Studio.
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I don't know the answer, but I'd suggest asking the same question at Hydrogen Audio
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Nero can do what you want, and while it's not free, you can get it for next to nothing if you look around.
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from - You'll see a promising setting labeled "Gap Between Songs". The "Gap Between Songs" setting gives you some flexibility in burning audio CDs. You can use this setting to create CDs with no gaps between the tracks, but only in certain cases:

* You joined the tracks on the CD before importing them.
* You're burning a CD from an uncompressed format (AIFF or WAV) rather than compressed format (such as MP3 or AAC).

Unfortunately, if you create a CD from MP3, you will always get a gap between the songs.
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