And How!!!
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What is the Etymological origin of the phrase "And How!" used as an exclamation.

It's a simple question that's probably easy if you have access to a good dead tree dictionary, but when you use a search engine you get every definition that includes the two words "and how"
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And how!, "It probably originated as a direct translation of the German Und wie!"
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I have noticed a recent surge in "And how!" usage thanks to Don Hertzfeld's "Rejected", in which a character says "I am a consumer whore!" and another follows with "And how!"

For those who haven't seen it, it's great.
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Very popular in the 20s, 30s, and 40s.
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Not that I'm a clone *anymore* but the phrase got a lot of play in The Jungle from which many tidbits of the argot slipped into mainstream usage. Back in the day one ran one's "gloss" but apparently one now consults one's "Smacktionary." [scroll down].
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I can't remember the episode, but The Simpson's introduced the phrase to my circle of friends. Of course, the Simpsons writers were probably referencing something like what pika or fezboy are talking about... but we wouldn't know about it.
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and how!:

Indicating "intensive emphasis of what someone else just said," and how! is a long-popular catchphrase first recorded in 1924. The Americanism possibly derives from the German und wie! or the Italian e come!, meaning the same thing, and once very common among Americans of German and Italian extraction, respectively.

--- Henry Holt Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins.
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