Can I save, in mp3 form, the songs recommended to me by Pandora, on a Windows PC?
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Is there anything approximating a Windows-based version of the OSX application PandoraJam, allowing me to record tracks suggested by the Pandora website?

I purchased an amazing shareware program for my Mac, called PandoraJam... It records and downloads all music recommended by the wonderful music recommendation site Pandora.

I would love to have a similar program on my Windows-based PC, but other than some very clunky solutions, I can't seem to find a piece of shareware/freeware that would do the trick easily, and preferably legally, though that isn't a prerequisite :)

Help? Anyone? Please?
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StationRipper supports recording Pandora (and other) streams.
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Pandora's Jar
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Response by poster: Wish I could find a place to download Pandora's Jar... It seems to be rather hard to download!
Being unable to find that program is what prompted me to post my question. Perhaps I am overlooking something really obvious. Hmmm.
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Pandora's Jar has a dedicated developer's forum here. It worked well enough when I first used it, although it was a little technical, and it eventually broke when the Pandora folks made some internal changes. I haven't bothered following Jar's progress since then, but a quick look at the forum now suggests that they've overcome whatever roadblocks Pandora put up for them before.
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Best answer: PandoraJam's pretty darn sweet, innit? I don't know of a Windows equivalent for Pandora that will not only record, but also tag, organize and download the album covers for you ... however, there is The Last Ripper, which does all of these things for LastFM. (There's also a Linux and Mac beta version).
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I second everything Rhaomi says. A year ago it began mis-tagging everything, which was not worth the trouble to fix.
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