What is this fake Arcade Fire?
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Help me identify a fake Arcade Fire song

I've been jamming out to a rather blatantly fake leak for a few days now that seemed like it *could* maybe be the new Arcade Fire album, but it just wasn't. The last 2 songs were really obvious because they were Laika and Tunnels labeled as new songs.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows who the fake band is? They have this song that is freaking great that goes like "Meet me down by the river, it don't matter which river, they're all goin somewhere, just as long as you're lookin for me" mislabeled as Modern Man and I wish I knew who it really was!

Sorry, sounds crazy. It's all over slsk. The real album is good too.

Here is one of the songs in question
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Best answer: I think the song you're talking about is from a group called Wildlife.
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And after listening to the song that you posted, that is definitely Wildlife. If you look at the comments on their myspace page, almost all of them are from people that found out that they were on the fake Arcade Fire leak.
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Hole in one. If you look at that Myspace Page, the song you linked to is actually called Stand In the Water.
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Response by poster: That was fast. Yes, it is Wildfire.
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