Cool party rental location in LA?
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What's a cool place to rent for a party of 100 guests in LA that I can cater myself?

I'm looking for a venue to throw a party for about 100 guests. I have a budget of $1,250 for rental costs. I want to be able to bring my own food and drink and music. I'd like a cool, beautiful, slightly funky location with my area code preferences being 1) 310 2) 323 3) 213. I'd be down for renting a cool penthouse or even a funky office space but something that is ultimately yuppy friendly without being bland. I love the look of places like the Edison or the Bigfoot West. This would be on a Friday or Saturday night. Any suggestions?
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Upon casual search I'm finding a lot of studios (not tiny apartments, more like art studios where people do photo shoots and filmings and cocktail parties) around town that pretty much fulfill your exact requirements but at around twice your budget (plus another of your budgets for damage deposits). For example, 8443 Warner in Culver City. I'm getting the idea that this is the sort of thing where 'knowing someone' will come in very, very handy for you. I'll ask around.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much!
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