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How can I transfer large voice memos (~300MB) from my Jailbroken iPhone 3GS to the web without tHe use of a computer (aka via AT&t's 3G network), and where can I store these files on the web via this process?

I'm temporarily working as a field reporter and constantly taking voice notes / memos that end up taking ~ 300MB on my iPhone. I rarely have time to sync my iPhone with my laptop as i'm travelling so frequently and for long periods of time, so my iphone's 32GB storage space fills up quick. How can I transfer these files off of my iPhone, over AT&T's network (or the occasional free wifi) and store these voice files on the web for retrival whenIi'm back from the field?

Thank you on advance hive mind!
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You may want to look at a 3rd-party voice notes app. I've been looking for one that syncs to Dropbox, but no luck yet.

Here is one that syncs to the developer's server and emails you a link to the MP3.
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Ah. Audio Memos, for example.
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Dropbox! Up to 2GB are free, and yes, there's an app for that.
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chrisinseoul: I spent a goodly portion of time last night perusing the Dropbox developers forums looking for any mention of an app that would upload anything other than a photo from the iPhone. I might have missed this somewhere along the way, but I believe that there isn't one yet because the iPhone/iPad filesystem is not open. There's no way for an app to pick a given audio file out from the storage space and upload it to the 'cloud'.
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Wait, are you talking about voice notes that you have already recorded? Or future voice notes? I was assuming the latter, based on your wording. But I guess it could be either. Could you clarify?
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Are you using the default voice memo program? I'm not sure there's a way to get those off without using iTunes, or some 3rd party syncing program. Just about every program handles its own files - there's no common filesystem that all apps can access.

Otherwise, for 3rd party recording apps, there's Blue FiRe, by Blue Microphones. It's free, and has an FTP Server function that allows other WiFi devices to download audio from it.
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Forgot to add - your laptop would be able to access the FTP server function via your webbrowser and whatever WiFi network you happen to be in.
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Here is a new voice memo app that automatically syncs to Dropbox
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