LOW production values but HIGHLY entertaining
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Please link me to great (yet simple DIY) animated music videos.

I'm looking for examples of videos done as personal projects for original songs.

This is an example of what I'm thinking of, though I'd like to try something more ambitious. Also, I can draw reasonably well, so it doesn't have to look quite as folksy. I'm just looking to broaden my mind with fun examples of projects that didn't take a crew of 10 people and years to produce. Gorillaz stuff is a good example of what I'm NOT looking for.

Turn me on to fresh approaches that have a lot of "bang for the buck".
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This is more elaborate than the I've Seen Giants song, but as far as cartoon animation goes, it's pretty low budget and simple animation. It's also just really fun. "Hula Hula" by Sangsang Band (Korean).

There's another good one for "Her Morning Elegance" by Oren Lavie, which is stop-motion animation rather than graphic animation. The production is minimal, but the imagination behind it is staggering.
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The Ultimate Showdown is pretty darn entertaining, but it's all about the song
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Dog in a burning building and it's got some behind-the scenes material.
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Oh, I realize this is more puppetry than animation, but Rob Schrab's Crooked Teeth music video:

And making of.

And sorry if I'm self-linking, but this took me a month to animate in Flash.
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