Make an awesome kid's birthday wish come true!
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Please help me fulfill my almost 4-year-old's only birthday wish: "a car that turns into a truck."

He claims this is not something he's seen (not on TV, not at school, etc) but just something he's thought of. I tried browsing the Hot Wheels and Transformers aisles at Toys R' Us, but was lost in sea of look-alike plastic. (I think most of that stuff is just cars that change into robots, etc. anyway.) I'd love to find something that would fit the criteria of car-turning-into-truck, and my 4-year-old isn't picky. Willing to buy online or at any brick-and-mortar store in the greater Baltimore/Annapolis/D.C. metro area. Thanks!
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How about a Truck that carries a car? (A Pixar "Cars" toy.)

Failing that, how about a Lego Truck? Turning into a car might not be quick, but...
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Lego Creator Mini Off-roader?
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How about an El Camino

"Made for driving and hauling, this car/pickup hybrid is business in the front and a party in the back. Collectible
For ages 4 and up"
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Hmmm... Hot Wheels offers the Modifighters as well as the Battle Force 5 series. Team Knight Rider seems to do car-to-truck. I'll ask my little guy and see if he has any other suggestions...
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Best answer: Ms. zooropa found this!

We gave the boat version of it to our favorite 4 year old last Christmas. He totally freaked out over it.
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There seem to be lots of trucks into robots and cars into robots, but no cars into trucks. I found an expensive possibility at Hammacher Shlemmer, but I wonder how much it really looks like either a car or a truck, when transformed, oh and looking closer, looks like it's no longer available -- maybe on ebay?

I think MonkeyToes Lego option looks good, except that your boy will have to do the manual transformation. I have a more advanced version of that 3-in-1, takes about 15-20 minutes for me to assemble.
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I suspect this may not be what your son saw, but it may fit the bill, and these are beautifully made (though not wildly cheap) toys that have garnered several plaudits: Automoblox.

If you buy enough parts, you can assemble/disassemble what you want: a car can be a truck, minivan, hot rod etc.

If you can't spring for the full size ones - and who is a millionaire these days, eh? - buy the smaller versions. [Which is what I did]

If your 4 year old is like most 4 year olds, you'll also be pleased to know that there is a parts dept, too.
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The six-year-old LEGO nut at my house recently came home with this, which has been very popular. If you need it in a hurry, it's available at Target.
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If he were older I would tell you to get him a couple of likely lego technic sets and tell him, "It either doesn't exist or I can't find it but with these, you can build it."

Some manner of lego set or sets is a good solution but I don't think would be age appropriate in this case. I would be worried that he won't be able to build what he wants and will get frustrated. That said, you know your kid better than we do.
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Ditto the Automoblox suggestion. They are really well made and have survived intact for over 2 years. They snap together in a very satisfying way and it's not too difficult for little fingers. We have a few of the big ones and one of the smaller minis and my almost 4-year old seems to prefer the smaller one. This set of 3 for $30 seems to includes one of the trucks.
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I've noticed Hot Wheel's Custom Motors in the store, and while it's not really a car-to-truck, the ones jacked up on monster truck wheels end up looking like trucks anyway.

(Those Automoblox look neat though. I'll have to check them out for my guy)
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You could always go retro and get some of the old M.A.S.K toys off ebay. They were pretty much the canonical [Vehicle X] turns into [Vehicle Y] toys of the 80s. The one I linked is kind of a stretch as a truck, but might suffice.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, for all the sleuthing and awesome suggestions! I'm going to try the car kit that Mrs. zooropa suggested, but will definitely be coming back to this thread as my little guy grows. Thanks again!
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