Rain and Intrigue
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What are some films similar in atmosphere to Polanski's The Ghost Writer (The Ghost)

I'm talking about intrigue, foreboding, darkness and cold, stormy weather. Other examples might be Identity and Shutter Island.
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Ice Storm (pretty good), Shipping News (terrible film, but fits your description)

I liked The Ghost Writer but I found the atmosphere (and the plot) hammy and enjoyably silly, which I understand was the intent (certainly the only way to explain the casting of Kim Cattrall).
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Both of those are more darkish middlebrow character dramas than thrillers though.
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It's got more spookiness than intrigue, but the Japanese film Dark Water is definitely moody and rainy.
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Dark Water

The Ring
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I'm gonna suggest "Insomnia" (US remake, too)
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Yeah, definitely Insomnia.
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Maybe these, too:

Blade Runner, Se7en (Seven), Fight Club
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Michael Clayton.
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