Looking for video conference facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada
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Seeking recommendations for video conference facilities in Las Vegas.

I'll be in Las Vegas this week for an interview, but I need to do two other interviews while I'm there -- one by phone, one by video conference, in fairly short order. (There is no alternative to this situation.) What can I do?

My ideal place would give me a nice quiet room for a couple hours, to do the phone interview and then to do the video conference using their hardware. The most important part is having the ability to do the video (I need to call to an IP address; Skype won't do.) It needs to be as professional as possible, since these are two very important interviews.

Does such a place exist? It seems like Vegas would have plenty of travel-business facilities but the signal-to-noise ratio on Google isn't great; a personal rec would be a lot more helpful.

The place can be a hotel, especially if it's reasonably priced. (First time in Vegas, so I don't exactly know what qualifies as reasonable there... but you do, right?) If I need to stay at the hotel, make the call in my room, then go downstairs for the video, that's fine.

Any ideas?
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Many FedEx Office locations have video conference centers.

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center
4750 W Sahara Ave, Suite 38
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 870-7011
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