Looking for home bar pictures / ideas.
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I'm looking for pictures of home bars / basement bars. I'm looking to build one and would like to look at pictures for ideas

I don't have a lot of ideas yet, but I think I would like the pub feel. Dark wood that is carved with the big mirror behind the bar. As for ancillary equipment I'd like to find some info about that there too. I'm thinking 2 taps, one for my home brew cornelius kegs and one for the traditional kegs one gets from distributors.

Any help finding pictures out there as well as ideas in general on what I should look to install would be much appreciated.
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google images has lots: home bars
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I like searching flickr for pictures of things I'm thinking of remodeling. Then I can usually ask the person who took it a question about it which is always helpful.
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When it comes to finding innovative ways to re-purpose old and unique items for liquor display (vintage furniture, old tube tv's, etc), Apartment Therapy has a million different pictures and ideas.
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I don't have any pictures handy of it, but I can say that I didn't consider my bar finished until a foot rail had been installed on it - I didn't realize how important it was to the "feel" until it was added.
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Home bar pictures often show up on homebrew forums like HomeBrewTalk.
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