Best Music Videos of the 00s.
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The Directors Series is a neat collection of great music videos, ordered by director, but leans heavily towards the 90s. If you were putting together a similar collection of music videos for the 00s what directors and what videos would be essentials for it?
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I haven't watched anything from most of these folks, but Roman Coppola's Directors' Bureau has a number of profiles on contemporary directors, with links to their work.
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Kanye West, Flashing Lights. Any OK Go video. Fatboy Slim "Weapon of Choice" starring Christopher Walken. Outkast, Bombs over Baghdad.

For directors, Michael Gondry? Spike Jonze? Michael Gondry probably did some of the best of the decade.
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shinybaum, both of those directors have their own Directors' Series DVDs, as referenced in the question.
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Response by poster: FWIW, nothing against a repeat of a director if they have more recent work of interest (anything post 2003/2005 or not covered in the box sets)
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Best answer: This Pitchfork list makes a few good points in the intro:

- Big name directors like the Directors Series guys moved on to feature work. Nobody really moved in to replace them because pretty much at the same time
- MTV stopped showing videos and
- Video budgets at labels dried up (thanks P2P!!!).
- But then, YouTube, viral video, etc. combined to revitalize because
- Marketing! and
- Anyone can do it.

So all of a sudden you don't have the big names like you did in the previous decade, you've got a shitton of 'directors' and 'producers' churning out content that's either totally DIY (see OKGO at first, yeah) or blatant meme/collage abuse (see Weezer). There are still a few big names out there, but they mostly make 'pieces' that are really just a rote 8 minutes for reels towards their 'serious film endeavors'.

Anyway, here's a few from that list that I'll recommend:

39. Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
37. Vitalic - Pony Part
33. Junior Senior - Move Your Feet
32. Battles - Atlas
29. Rock-A-Fire Explosion - Pop Lock and Drop It (Remix) [does this even count?]
25. Radiohead - House of Cards
21. Bjork - Wanderlust

and one other one that's technically amazing but not featured at peefork:
Chairlift - Evident Utensil

I'm pretty sure most of these videos garnered MeFi posts at one point. Also, Patrick Daughters has a lot of videos at the list.
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I've enjoyed the work of David Wilson as well, specifically his video for Moray McLaren, We Got Time (qt).
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Marc Webb.

I'm Not Okay
Love Like Winter
21 Guns

He's gone on to direct 500 Days of Summer, and is apparently directing the new Spider-Man reboot.
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Samuel Bayer has done some brilliant stuff.
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Alias - Sixes Last (1st Ave Machine did the CGI)
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(Oh, yeah, directors. Um...some...guys? I missed that part; my bad.)
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Ray Tintori
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oh and Eric Wareheim
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late to this, but: 'ville2k.
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