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Are you in web? What are your job descriptions…toot your own horn and impress me!

As most employees do, I wear a few hats in my organization (web developer, web marketing manager, producer, business analyst, project manager…). I’ve been doing the same job for the last 3 years in an organization that really doesn’t understand web or my role and more importantly the value I bring to the organization.

Due in part to me having 3 managers in 3 years - I bust my ass, get a new manager and have to start all over again. My last manager was a real web PM and thoroughly understood what I did but left while trying to get me promoted and my current manager has nothing to do with me and is just going through the motions until they find a backfill for my last manager (who left the company in Dec 09!).

I’m really, really bad at tooting my own horn and without web peers to take from (it's me and only me running the show) I’m at a loss for describing professionally what I do. So what does it say on your job description and or resume (based on the hats mentioned above or similar jobs) that you do. Help me come up with a proper job description.

While I’m not asking for you to write my job description here is a sampling of what I’m responsible for – and even them I’m likely not going to give it the importance it deserves (it’s just hard for me to think like that because what I do is so natural and easy to me). Thanks folks!
  • Manage all 7 corporate websites - daily maintenance, future projects – anything that touches our sites goes through me for reviewing best practices (not necessarily copywriting) and implementation.
  • I’m the main contact for my corporate counterparts – they let me know what is happening there and I let them know what is happening at my division. We work together when they have changes that impact my “corporate” site.
  • Email communications – I build/blast customer and internal html emails (customers are set up to manually blast based on when they came into our contact list and the internal email I build/blast weekly)
  • I am the bridge/maintain the relationship with my local IT if/when I need them. Getting email addresses/folders created…
  • Maintain relationship with my web vendor – I talk to them usually daily. (FWIW I’m front end – html, css, basic javascript all other developing/programming goes through my vendor and I manage them).
  • I’m “the web” – when someone needs something done (usually after the fact) they come to me and I find a way to get it done and usually recommend best practices to make the most of their request since implementing on the web usually was not a part of their planning.
  • Maintain relationship with my SEO vendor…
  • Run monthly reports but don’t really have the opportunity to recommend changes (partly due to the act of congress I have to go through to make edits to my site do to being in the medical device field and FDA guidelines).
  • Photoshop
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I do similar things to you. My title is "web technician," which falls nicely between "web designer" and "network administrator."
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I used to be in a similar position, and though I wasn't really sure it made sense, my title was: Designer, Digital Systems
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I do pretty much the same things as you and my title is the nebulous "Program Manager", and before that it was the now-outdated "Webmaster".
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My job is very similar, but due to budgetary cuts, they call me a "Web Assistant," so they can get away with paying me less than they would if I had "manager" in my title.
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my job description is very similar to yours and my clients (freelance) call me "web guru" which I like :)
when I want to feel professional I call myself "Web Developer/Web Marketing Manager"
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I was called "Technology Manager." Though I did more infrastructure support work than you seem to, that might just be the consequence of working at a smaller company (ie. I didn't liaise with IT, I was IT, similarly SEO).
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My job is similar - though wholly internally focussed, due to working for a huge multinational with 15 000+ employees in Australia alone. My title is "Workforce Enablement, Channels Specialist" (workforce enablement basically refers to internal, channels refers to absolutely anything and everything else. Specialist makes me sound fancy!)
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I have sometimes been called "Website Administrator" when I did similar tasks. I've seen the title "Web Communications Manager" for some of my colleagues who did similar things.
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