How do I transfer passwords from Mozilla to Firefox?
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How do I transfer my saved passwords from Mozilla 1.7.1 to Firefox 1.0.1? The "Import" option under the File menu didn't work.
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When I *installed* Firefox I got the option to import passwordy stuff from Mozilla then. Try un-installing and re-installing Firefox and read everything that comes up during install.
posted by krisjohn at 8:09 PM on March 16, 2005

What OS are you on? Basically, you have to copy the file 12345678.s (except the digits will be random) and key3.db (if it exists) from your mozilla profile folder to your firefox profile folder, and then rename the 12345678.s file to signons.txt (throwing out the old one if it exists). Where exactly those profile folders are depends on what OS you're running.
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