Getting password from Firefox to Safari?
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How do I get a password out of Firefox and into Safari without some crazy encryption skills?

I have a four-digit password to a site (specifically a site to check on the status of a PhD application) that is auto-saved in Firefox. I don't really use Firefox all that much, preferring Safari. How can I get the password into Safari so I don't have to load up Firefox every time I want to check on that application?

I already tossed the piece of paper with the password/PIN on it, so that option is out.
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Best answer: Tools|Options|Password|View Saved Passwords|Show Passwords|Yes
posted by orthogonality at 7:04 AM on February 9, 2006

on the windows version of FF there is an option to show saved passwords. Can you copy the password from FF and save it in Safari?
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Will you get locked out of the account if more than a certain number of incorrect logins are made? If not a Perl (or something similar) would be just the ticket for a quick and dirty brute-force attack. A script would be able to iterate through all the possible combinations reasonably quickly.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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That works great. Is there any equivalent feature for safari? I have a problem going the other way -- I need to retrieve an old password from safari to use in firefox.
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Response by poster: Aren't Safari's passwords stored in Keychain?
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Aw, forget it, I found it. For safari, open the Keychain Access app, expand the Passwords option, select Internet, then find the site listing, double click it to get properties (you might have to enter your OS X admin pass here) and then check off the show passwords box.
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