Non-irritating password remembrance?
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I want my browser to remember my password for a couple of sites, but it must assume that I don't want most of my passwords remembered. I hate browser popups that ask "Remember this password?" What's a good solution? I use Firefox on Windows.
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Well, with Firefox at least, it has the option "Never for this site" so you will only get the "Remember" pop-up once.
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Look at Roboform ( It's an excellent commercial password/ewallet program that works for up to 10 passwords for free.
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Use the Password Maker extension. Set Firefox to never remember passwords; configure Password Maker to auto-fill the login/password fields on the couple of sites you want.
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I've used Roboform for a few years. For Firefox, grab the extension as well as installing the app itself. The learning curve might take a few minutes, but you can make it very unobtrusive and simple after you've spent a few minutes with it.
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Individual windows user accounts.
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