Help me buy a tabla. Please.
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I would like to buy a tabla (online) as a gift, but I know nothing. Can you help me?

While it may be a bit of a personal item, the person I'm buying it for used to play, no longer plays but would definitely appreciate having a tabla (set) around the house again. He's also not the kind of person that would buy this for himself. (And there's nowhere local where we can go pick one out together.)

I don't want to break the bank but I'm definitely interested in a proper instrument, not a tourist model. This should be something he can play with pride.

So - where, online, can I buy a good quality tabla. Bonus points if they ship internationally but not crucial.
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Try Ali Akbar College of Music here
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Ship internationally from where to where? I have bought from the DrumWorks in Florida, but that only will work if you are outside the US and you want it shipped anywhere in the 50 US states, b/c as far as I know, that's all they do.

I know musicians who swear by Tarang's World of Tablas, who are in Germany, but will ship and quote you shipping--all you gotta do is ask. They carry everything from student up through 5-star and heavy duty bayang.
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Oh, ps--DrumWorks=, Dania Beach, FL.
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