Good sources for videos on psychology?
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I'm looking for video sites like TED or Big Think that has researchers talking about their projects and areas of expertise. Any other similar sites out there you've liked? Preferably in the area of psychology/human nature

I'm teaching a personality psychology class and am using clips to illustrate some points and bring research "to life", so to speak. I've looked through the archives at google talks, TED and Big Think but I'm betting there is other good stuff out there for me to discover.

While what I need for the class is personality related clips, psychology or human nature in general clips would be nice too, for some day when I have free time (hah).
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Listen to Radiolab! They're artists at interviewing experts and bringing their subjects alive with sound and storytelling.
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RSA Animate
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Bloggingheads. It's ridiculously amateurish next to TED, and most of the site is about politics, but there's stuff about psychology, human nature, etc. The more science-y, less political diavlogs are often posted on weekends.

I'd especially recommend looking through the ones with Will Wilkinson (where he's usually questioning someone else about their work) -- though not the top two diavlogs at that link. This one about identity is good. His discussion with Tyler Cowen about neurodiversity was fantastic. I also recommend diavlogs with Paul Bloom (here's a good one about pleasure) or Joshua Knobe. Knobe often talks about looking at ethical questions through more of an empirical/psychological prism than a philosophical one; I really liked this diavlog and this one.

You'll notice that it's more digressive, less snappy than TED. However, the site has a very good interface that lets you take any clip from within a diavlog and create a link that goes to just that segment. (You can also do this with the segment titles below each video.)
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Richard Gregory, psychologist.
posted by unliteral at 9:30 PM on August 30, 2010 [1 favorite] loosely fits the bill, i think. There's the premium pay stuff, but there are tons of free videos and talks as well
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Go to iTunesU, which has free podcasts and some videos on a multitude of subjects from all of the major universities. It's very useful and I love it.
posted by glaucon at 4:53 AM on August 31, 2010 Comes in five minute bites of assorted goodness. I tried to work my way through the whole site and just couldn't do it, but it's neat.
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