Looking for specific website to create quick animated videos.
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A month or two ago I saw a video someone had made of an exchange they had with a customer at work. The video had two cutesy CGI dog-like animals talking with very basic gestures and motions. It googled the watermark in the corner of the video and it took me to the site the guy had used to create the video. The name was four letters long but it wasn't a real word. There were multiple themes or scenes you could select, enter dialog, etc. Most of the themes were very cutesy- animals, flowers, etc. The speech seemed to be rendered by some typical voice-to-text software as it was very flat with no inflection. Overall it was a pretty easy to use website.

Fastforward to today... I can't find this site. I swear I bookmarked it but obviously I didn't. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Haha I came to say xtranormal.
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That's it. You guys are amazing.
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