Who wrote/published/owns the "Piracy, It's a Crime" music?
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Does anyone know the musician, composer, label, publishing company or licensing agency responsible for the music on the Piracy, It's a Crime advert? This is, ironically, so we can clear a sample for use in a fairly high profile UK music release. We've cleared all the other samples for this record, but we're drawing a blank on who to ask for this piece. Any pointers or clues, however slim or however many steps away from the people who can give us permission to use this music, are extremely welcome.
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Maybe try Shazam?
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According to this link, the MPAA created this ad, so you might want to contact them. That same Wikipedia link also mentions that "No Man Army" by The Prodigy is either the song used or sounds similar to the song used in the ad. (I haven't heard "No Man Army" so I can't verify this.)
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Shazam doesn't have it, but the music is apparently a rip off inspired by the Prodigy's No Man Army (src).

obiligatory it crowd link
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