NYCFilter: Can anyone personally recommend a dentist in Midtown?
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NYCFilter: Can anyone personally recommend a dentist in Midtown?

Midtown East or West, it doesn't matter. I moved recently, and it's time for a check up. I really liked my last dentist because he did not make it seem like the sky was falling when I had a cavity. (He was kind and considerate.)
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I liked Dr. George Lee, who has an office in the Graybar Building next to Grand Central Terminal. I hadn't been to the dentist in about 7 years when I went to see him, and he was a very pleasant re-introduction to the world of dentistry.

I was both amused and delighted when he told me, at age 32, that I had the teeth of a 28 year old. It was simultaneously flattering and perplexing, like telling me I had the molars of a Swede.
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Dr. Stewart Lantner. I've been using him for 9 years, and have a many many friends who use him as well. Nice guy, great staff, and he takes most all dental insurance. He's filled (or refilled) several cavities and done one root canal for me. It's never a big deal, and he's great about numbing the daylights out of me.
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Dr. Jonathan Goldenthal is a very nice guy on Central Park South by the Time Warner center. He once told me how sorry he was that "gold teeth have developed a ghetto reputation".
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Yes, Drs. Engelson and Gerardi! All-women practice, if that's of interest to you. 36th and Park Avenue South -- 212-679-7779.
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Have been going to Dr. Sandip Sachar for several years, very happy; also seems to be all-women. I think they once filled a cavity for me without even really making it clear that I had a cavity at all until afterward: no judgment or alarm at all. 46th & Madison.

They're always telling me I'm brushing too hard, which I've never heard from a dentist before.
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Dr. Christine Phan @ 161 Madison Ave (btwn 32nd and 33rd St). (212) 686-7077. Been going there for years now and she is great. The rest of the staff there is really wonderful too!
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In case you need one more rec, try Helma Philips at Midtown Dentist NYC (509 Madison at 53rd, I believe). Her number (212) 644-0004, and everyone at the office is considerate, warm, and very, very serious about dental health.
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Late to the party, but in case others come back or you're still looking.

Dr Michael Sinkin on 40th between Park and Madison. Been seeing him since Feb when he found me on Twitter talking about long unsolved tooth pain. I was a little hesitant about a doc who was recruiting patients on Twitter but then I saw he had a genuine presence & stayed involved. On the initial appt and a future one where I broke a tooth he was able to get me in amazingly quickly

He's great for those who are skittish and his whole staff is welcoming and friendly.
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