Who dumped me?
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Is there any way to have Facebook tell me who dropped off my friends list?
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The Better Facebook extension should do that.
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I use an iPhone app called fbDefriended.
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I use Unfriend Finder. (It's a Greasemonkey script)
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But unfortunately (for what it's worth) I haven't been able to find any that work retroactively. They'll only tell you as it happens after you've installed them. That is: you can't install Unfriend Finder or Better Facebook now and see what people have unfriended you in the past.

(If I'm incorrect about this, I'd love correction, but this is my impression after trying for a while.)
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I routinely get warnings from Better Facebook saying that something isn't working properly, and so my friend count and my tally of dropped friends might not be correct. But In principle, Better Facebook does what everyone is saying it does (among other possibly useful things for you.)
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I don't know enough about the existing scripts, and I've never played around with writing anything involving scripting fb, but it strikes me that there will always be a "x and y are now friends" (where x is you, and y is the friend".

It sounds like a relatively easy job to read through all profile posts, find messages of this form, build a list of the 'y' variables (your friends) and then compare this against your current friend list.
This wouldn't explicitly only list friends who've dumped you, but also friends whom you've dumped (I've never seen a message "x is no longer friends with y" - probably because it's too much like being back in junior school: "... because he smells funny and he stole my lunch and I hate him")

I've just had a quick look at the fb developer stuff - there's a range of tools available including python; it's probably pretty straightforward for someone who knows the languages, but unfortunately actually doing any coding (in anything other than BASIC or VBA!) is way beyond me...
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The Better Facebook extension will do this for you. It can be installed as a Greasemonkey script or as an add-on.
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Chunder: "I've never seen a message "x is no longer friends with y""

Yep, fb definitely does not do that. Thus the need for hackarounds. I use the Facebook Friends Checker Greasemonkey script, myself.
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