Pittsburgh Prenatal Massage Therapist
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Pittsburgh Prenatal Massage: Can you recommend a massage therapist for a pregnant lady?

A few of us want to kick in to get a pregnant colleague a massage. She's been having a rough time (kidney stones) and we want to help her to feel better.

Can anybody please recommend someone in Pittsburgh with expertise in safely massaging pregnant women?
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Best answer: Retta Flagg at Healing Touch Massage has given me some great sports massages. Her website says she also does prenatal.

Have you tried calling the Midwife Center? They might have some recommendations.
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Best answer: I have a good friend down here in Morgantown who does prenatal massage exclusively. We are ~1:20 south of Pittsburgh.

She's also a client, so I won't shill her here---if you're interested, shoot me a memail. :)
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Best answer: I got my wife several gift certificates to Golden Fingers in Mt Lebo while she was pregnant. She thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Best answer: A friend and his pregnant wife both recommend Veronica Habercost at In the Moment Massage in the North Hills. I haven't tried her yet, but I intend to soon, so this is a second-hand rec.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all!
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